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The train is set and running. It's time to go on the train so you could end up being in Hogwarts. All students on board and also you can do your last minute shoppings. First classes have already started, go and have fun there! I hope you have good school year!
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 Face Claim

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PostSubject: Face Claim   Tue Nov 22, 2016 8:33 pm

the face claim

small description of the face claim, and how it works here. make sure you put in here the member groups if you use the same form format as me.for instance, you'd have a little list here.

administrator #e81826
moderator #e88d18

here's my form for the coding: celeb last, first || first last character

Bellisario, Troian || Nina Kozlov - Durmstrang
Campbell, Danielle || Delaney Mistholm - Durmstrang
Carson, Sofia || Nebula Black - Hogwarts
Clarke. Emilia || Tessa Fane - Hogwarts
Bailee, Madison || Isabella Fane - Hogwarts
Benson, Ashley || Lakeesha Miller - Hogwarts
Bilson, Rachel || Adeline Levesque - Ilvernormy
Dobrev, Nina || Nova Black- Hogwarts
Dove, Cameron || Cassiopeia Malfoy - Hogwarts
Duff, Hilary || Carmen Santigo - Ilvermorny
Farmiga, Taissa || Audrey Valois - Hogwarts
Fitzgerald, Willa || Carter Forbes - Ilvermorny
Holt, Olivia || Cressida Malfoy - Hogwarts
Gomez, Selena || Stella Black - Hogwarts
Jamssen, Famke || Cora Fane - Hogwarts
Lively, Blake || Krissu
Lynch, Evanna || Luna Scamander - Hogwarts
McLaughlin, Madison || Maya Stoner - Hogwars
Mitchell, Shay || Melody Lance - Ilvernormy
Parilla, Lana || Katie
Pieterse, Sasha || Victorie Rhodes - Ilvernormy
Roden, Holland || Autumn Fane - Hogwarts
Steinfeld, Hailee || Skylar Nott
Sula, Jessica || Roxanne Weasley
Thorne, Bella || Lily Potter - Hogwarts
Turner, Sophie || Madison Fane - Hogwarts

it also scrolls!


Christian, Cody || Asher Nott - Hogwarts
Cooper, Dominic || Roman Cavendish - Hogwarts
Downey, Robert Jr || Desmond Roiben - Ilvermorny
Efron, Zac || Jake Burgess - Ilvermorny
Espinoza, Matthew || Caden Kingsbury - Hogwarts
Hemmings, Luke || Jason Rudbeck - Durmstrang
Launter, Taylor ~ Katie
Lerman, Logan || Albus Potter - Hogwarts
McQueen, Steven R. || Gaston Fane - Hogwarts
Monaghan, Cameron || Ezra Shaw - Hogwarts
Morgan, Joseph || Alexei Chekov - Durmstrang
O'Brien, Dylan || Preston Belby - Hogwarts
O' Pry, Sean || Avon Victor - Durmstrang
Peters, Evans || Ryan Valois - Hogwarts
Rheon, Iwan || Atticus Shaw - Hogwarts
Sprouse, Dylan and Cole || Lorcan and Lysander Scamander
Skarsgard, Bill || Tristan Lestrange - Hogwarts
Somerhalder, Ian || Casper Fane - Hogwarts
Trevino, Michael || Orpheus Black - Hogwarts

it also scrolls!
apples & pears @ caution to the wind

Here is the code:
Celeb's Last and First || Character's First and Last - School

Celeb's Last and First || Alias
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Face Claim
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