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The train is set and running. It's time to go on the train so you could end up being in Hogwarts. All students on board and also you can do your last minute shoppings. First classes have already started, go and have fun there! I hope you have good school year!
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 Here for food or company? (Open)

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Gabriella Waldorf
Hogwarts Head Girl
Hogwarts Head Girl
Gabriella Waldorf

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Here for food or company? (Open) Empty
PostSubject: Here for food or company? (Open)   Here for food or company? (Open) EmptyMon May 29, 2017 10:44 am

Gabriella had been doing some shopping for her school alone since she didn't really have someone with who she could come here with. Her father never had time for her or even cared what she did most of the time anymore. So she could do always what she wanted and go where she wanted. Even if at times she told to her nannies.

So after long hours of shopping, she walked into the Three Broomsticks. Only place what she knew was a good place to eat the lunch. She looked around and found herself one empty table. She did take a seat and sighed. There were very many people today. She looked at herself for a second. Her outfit seemed to be good enough for this place for sure.

Soon one waitress came over to her and she did order some fries and butterbeer. She really wasn't sure what else she could eat here. Other things didn't seem so pleasing for her. Never have, even is she knows about muggle world now soon about seven years.
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Here for food or company? (Open)
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