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The train is set and running. It's time to go on the train so you could end up being in Hogwarts. All students on board and also you can do your last minute shoppings. First classes have already started, go and have fun there! I hope you have good school year!
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 Lily Luna Potter

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Lily Potter2
Gryffindor First Year
Gryffindor First Year

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PostSubject: Lily Luna Potter   Fri May 05, 2017 9:25 pm

Full Name: Lily Luna Potter
Nicknames: Luna, Moon, Lil
Age: 11
Date of Birth: 8 October 2007
Birth Place: Britain
Current Home: Hogwarts
Blood Status: Halfblood
Sexual Orientation: N/A as of yet
Wand: 7 inches, Maple wood, Veela core

Hair Color: Red
Hair Style: Long, straight
Eye Color:Green
Height: 4'8"
Clothing Sense: Comfortable for the most part
Other Features: Lily is almost a spitting image of her mother.

Lily is a kind, gentle soul that loves fiercely. She is definitely the true definition of a Gryffindor being gentle yet having a heart that rages with bravery and courage. She's a perfect mix of her mother and father. Being the youngest sibling and only girl, Lily has learned to be tough as opposed to fragile, however she can be emotional and more feminine if she chooses to.

Lily is also someone who chooses to speak her mind and show how she feels as opposed to being shy and hidden. She refuses to fight down from a fight. The red head is a very free-spirited girl never knowing boundaries and restrictions. She enjoys flying most importantly but also enjoys to run and climb. The way you treat animals tell Lily alot about your personality and she believes that the eyes are the window to your soul. When it comes to relationships, whether friendly or dating-wise, she tends to wear her heart on her sleeve and become emotionally attached though she tries to hide it.

Since Lily is only eleven, her personality is constantly changing and developing.

Father's Name: Harry Potter
Age: 39
Blood Status/Species: Halfblood
Occupation: Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement
Status: Living

Mother's Name: Ginevra Molly Potter nee Weasley
Age: 38
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood
Occupation: Sports editor for the Daily Prophet
Status: Living

Sibling's Name: James Sirius Potter II
Age: 15
Blood Status/Species: Halfblood
Occupation: N/A
Status: Living

Sibling's Name: Albus Severus Potter
Age: 13
Blood Status/Species: Halfblood
Occupation: N/A
Status: Living

Other Key Members:

Lucy Weasley (Cousin)
Rose Granger-Weasley (Cousin)

General History:

Lily was born during a stormy, chill October night. It was before Halloween, however the night had the spook that Halloween night was thick with. There was that feeling that this night would go wrong, Ginny could feel it.However Harry had been optimistic towards his wife and he was the one who had been right all along. The night Lily Luna Potter had been born was just an ordinary night, one were 2 year old Albus and 4 year old James was sent to a relatives house while Ginny and Harry welcomed their one and only baby girl to the world.

Lily was fierce from birth, practically fighting her way out. She had been born with a head full of red hair and eyes as green as Harry's. As unordinary as it was, Lily smiled her first night earthside which practically destined her to be a Potter. Like her aunt Hermione, Lily was brains and could've easily fit into Ravenclaw. She grew up reading and learning as much as possible but also using practical skills. Like most wizarding families, Lily was not sent to a public school as her parents knew issues could arrive once she got her show of magic. Instead she was homeschooled and taught vital skills she would need for Hogwarts.

Eventually, Lily was present to send off both of her brothers on the express, waiting eagerly for her turn to board the large, red train. Finally, her time came. 2019 was her year. Lily, along with Albus and James boarded the Hogwarts express and was off to her first year of Hogwarts. Recently, she was sorted into Gryffindor with one of her brothers and some of her cousins.  

Family History:
The Potter family is one of the most popular, well known families in Wizarding history and they date back pretty far. They're not technically well known for anything good but more so because of their history with the dark lord and Harry Potter having defeated him twice. The Potter family has many families they are loyal to as well as there are a few families they are more enemies to.

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Roderick Lupin
Headmaster of Hogwarts
Headmaster of Hogwarts

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PostSubject: Re: Lily Luna Potter   Fri May 05, 2017 9:27 pm

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Lily Luna Potter
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