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The train is set and running. It's time to go on the train so you could end up being in Hogwarts. All students on board and also you can do your last minute shoppings. First classes have already started, go and have fun there! I hope you have good school year!
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 Brynn Howlett

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Brynn Howlett
Ravenclaw Fourth Year
Ravenclaw Fourth Year
Brynn Howlett

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PostSubject: Brynn Howlett   Brynn Howlett EmptySat May 06, 2017 1:16 pm

Brynn Howlett 213704-nina-dobrev-nina-dobrev-photoshoot

Brynn Howlett 10o1nr6
Full Name: Brynn Kylie Howlett
Nicknames: ( if any )
Age: 14
Date of Birth: January 5, 2005
Birth Place: Cambridge, England
Current Home: Cambridge, England
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Wand: 11 inches, Holly, Unicorn Tail Hair

Brynn Howlett F4r1uh
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: Long and Wavy
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5.7
Other Features: Nope
Clothing Style: Brynn tends to dress pretty average for the most part, and does not exactly have a set style. Even though when she has to she will wear dresses or if she feels like it. The girl does not have a preference.

Brynn Howlett Qz439x
Brynn can be in many cases described as being someone who is very intelligent for her age. She also likes to think of new things every day and is very open-minded. Something that is in many cases her downfall and also not one of her best attributes. Brynn also tends to care about a lot of people despite coming off as being kind of shy. But when she get used to someone she tends to be extremely loud, but really is not that shy. She also a problem with being extremely sarcastic, and tends to be one of her other downfalls.

She also is extremely loyal to whomever she befriends and tends to be someone who would take a bullet for her friend. Brynn also takes a ton of pride in her brains and won't let others use her for their personal study tool. Which is why she barely talks to others and when she does and when someone does her wrong she will not be afraid to let them have it. People tend to think Brynn is very kind of snotty because she is quiet. Which is not at all the case, she just does not like to make friends that would end up being betraying her.

Brynn also is very honest, and when she does something wrong she always owns up to it. Which is something that people tend to find a good thing about her, and most people won't befriend her because if they do something wrong she won't be afraid to tell them who did it. She takes a lot of pride in doing the right thing. Which is something her parents taught her a lot of about growing up which was something that she learned to stand by.

Brynn Howlett 2u94eok
Father's Name: William Jeremiah Howlett
Age: 37
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood
Occupation: Hogwarts School Book Author, Potion Master, and Former Ravenclaw
Status: Living

Mother's Name: Gemma Hollis Howlett ( nee Burnbarry )
Age: 37
Blood Status/Species: Muggleborn
Occupation: Medi-Wizard and Former Ravenclaw
Status: Living

Twin Sister's Name: Naomi Howlett
Age: 14
Blood Status/Species: Half-Blood
Occupation: Hogwarts Student
Status: Living

Younger Brother's Name: Jason Colin Howlett
Age: 12
Blood Status/Species: Half-Blood
Occupation: Hogwarts Student
Status: Living

Brynn Howlett Nffkt2
General History:
Brynn life for the most part growing up had been a good life and had been something that she would grow up to be extremely for. When she was born she born as the middle child who was the twin of her older sister Naomi. Whom she had been somewhat close with, but had been kind of the polar opposite of her twin. Brynn had been in many cases the one who had had the better relationship with her parents. Growing up Brynn had always found herself surrounded by books and when it came to making friends she was not the best.

Even though her parents had always encouraged her to make friends, but she would never agree to it and had always found herself being alone. Which as years would go she found to be something that she would prefer to be. When Brynn's little brother was born, that was one person she had gotten along with the most. Which would someone she would take a great deal in caring about and when she was five she showed her signs of magic. Making her parents extremely proud and hope that maybe she would end up making friends.

Although her sister was older, she had displayed magic two years after Brynn. Which Naomi would end up despising her for. Even though Brynn would never boast about being more intelligent, and decided to perhaps keep her boasting to herself. Brynn had then decided that maybe she would try to make friends, which would not end up happening until she would attend Hogwarts, which her sister would always end up picking on her for.

The summer before her first year of Hogwarts, Brynn had received her Hogwarts letter. Which would end up being something that would be the best thing to happen to her. Upon attending Hogwarts, Brynn had as expected managed to do extremely well. Which would end up in Brynn becoming the top of her year on multiple occasions? Which would end up upsetting her sister, even though Brynn rarely boasted about doing well.

As years went on Brynn had even managed to socialize a little bit more, and had only a small group of friends. The girl had always put her studies before everyone else and did not let others affect that which is why many people tend to find her a little a bitch, because she would rarely talk to people and when she is around friends she is extremely loud. Which Brynn would try her best to try to fix that appearance about her.

Making her fourth year hopefully a better year.

Family History:
William and Gemma had met during their Hogwarts days when they were assigned to be partners even though they hated each other. Constantly trying to have competitions and their professors finding that it would be better if they would work together. The two despised the idea and had as their friends put it deliberately do things without the others knowledge. Ending in them having to have separate projects which the professor had gotten mad at them for. Resulting in them going at each other until about their sixth year where they would end up developing a relationship. Which had came as a surprise to everyone.

Even though they did care as they had wanted to be happy with each other, and would end up spending a lot of time together. When they graduated the two had attended college together where they took a break to focus on school. Having both done quite well when they attended college, and after they both got jobs and had spent a year doing them. The couple had managed to rekindle their romance and soon end up with having the twins after they were married. Which would end up being something they would never replace.

After the twins were born, two years after they and their last and final kid. Who would end up being their pain in the ass, and also Brynn's favorite siblings. As years went on the two had lived their life with their family and when their two twins went off to Hogwarts. They had decided to bring their focus on Jason who would end up having a decent relationship. Even though in many cases it came apparent that they liked Brynn the most.

Brynn Howlett 2yys38m
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Stella Black
Slytherin Sixth Year
Slytherin Sixth Year
Stella Black

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PostSubject: Re: Brynn Howlett   Brynn Howlett EmptySat May 06, 2017 3:46 pm

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Brynn Howlett
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