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The train is set and running. It's time to go on the train so you could end up being in Hogwarts. All students on board and also you can do your last minute shoppings. First classes have already started, go and have fun there! I hope you have good school year!
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 Cassiopeia Malfoy

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Cassiopeia Malfoy
Hufflepuff Second Year
Hufflepuff Second Year

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PostSubject: Cassiopeia Malfoy    Tue Nov 22, 2016 1:27 am

~ I can't decide what's wrong, what's right, which way should I go ~

Full Name: Cassiopeia Celestine Malfoy
Nickname: Cassie, Cass, Cas
Age: 13
House: Hufflepuff
Birthplace: England, London
Current Residence: England or Hogwarts
Blood Purity: Pureblood
Gender: Female
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual
Occupation: Hogwarts Student

Face Claim: Dove Cameron
Body Type: Slim
Height: 5'5"
Hair Style: Loose, Curly. At times you can see her hair even ponytails.
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Unique Features: She has her ears pierced once.
Clothing Style: She is the girl who will wear skirts and dresses over jeans and pants. She can be quite girly actually. But of course, there are times when jeans/pants are needed too. Most of the times you will see her wearing high heels, when needed she can wear any other shoes too. Also, her clothes seem to be in fashion.

Being centre of attention
Try new things
Kittens & Puppies

Other small bugs

Being alone in dark room.
Small bugs like bees.

Singing (even if she doesn't show it to others)
Healing (well it's her power, what she uses at times to heal minor injuries on her close people)
Bravery (she isn't afraid anything expects to be alone and small bugs and heights)

Healing Powers (It comes it when people try use it against her)
Strawberries (Allergic)
Heights (she just will feel scared then)

Cassiopeia is the girl who tends to be nice towards people most of the times. She can even be very sweet one when she wants. She also quite a friendly one. Well of course when you really piss her off or make fun of her friends or hurt any other way her feelings or make her mad then you will find out that she can be a total bitch for sure. She uses actually daily spaces quite much sarcasm too without noticing it time. That doesn't mean she is the bad person actually, she will protect those who people make fun of. She might be Malfoy but that doesn't make her be an awful person, even if at the times she might sound like one.

She has always been the girl who is the brave one and she doesn't mind standing up to those who hurt people or make fun of them. She just can't stand bullying really, she hates it. She has never liked it. She tries to avoid doing it herself so much as she can. She believes that every person has their own reasons to be different and well not everyone isn't perfect. There is more in people than you can see on the cover. So she never judges a book by its cover and same goes to people.

Over years she has become someone who can pretend to be fine even when she actually wants to cry. She always seems to be so cheerful and has a smile on her face. All this doesn't mean she is always happy but she tries to be. Only very few people know what goes on behind that mask what she puts on every day. She just isn't very trusting person. She just doesn't let people know about her true emotions, feelings or even secrets very easily. Gaining her trust isn't a very easy task, to be honest. You need to work hard for to get it.

Cassie even has become to like adventures over years. She has always liked to explore new places and do things her own way. She can't stand in one place very long time and do nothing. She isn't really into reading much even if you can see her doing at times, it happens only when the book is interesting for her. But she more likely will spend her time doing something with her few friends or just explore new places or already known places maybe finds there something new. Oh and she isn't really the patients one for sure too.

Well, do you believe or not is up to you but she is a smart girl actually. She knows more about things than she shows out. Of course, she likes to be the centre of attention of this but being smartass or nerd isn't really one of these things she wants to stand out. She barely uses her brain in the classes. She just keeps things to herself even when she might actually know the answer out there.

Father's Name: Draco Malfoy
Age: 36
Blood Purity or Species: Pureblood
Occupation: Ministry Worker
Living or Deceased: Living

Mother's Name: Astoria Malfoy (nee Greengrass)
Age: 34
Blood Purity or Species: Pureblood
Occupation: St. Mungos Head Healer
Living or Deceased: Living

Sibling's Name: Cressida Malfoy
Age: 15
Blood Purity or Species: Pureblood
Occupation: Hogwarts Student
Living or Deceased: Living

Sibling's Name: Scorpious Malfoy
Age: 14
Blood Purity or Species: Pureblood
Occupation: Hogwarts student
Living or Deceased: Living

Name: Kira
Age: 1
Blood Purity or Species: Grey Tabby Cat
Occupation: xD
Living or Deceased: Living

Other Key Family Members Okay there are her grandparents with who the girl isn't very close at all. They don't seem to like her much. There are even some other relatives but she isn't really close with any of them.

Overall History:
Cassiopeia was born in 4th January 2007 as a third and second daughter to Draco and Astoria Malfoy. She has one older sister Cressida and one older brother Scorpius. She seems to get along so good as possible it is with her siblings. Even if she is youngest in the family doesn't mean she is spoiled one there. She just was treated the same way as her older siblings. She really loves her family even when she doesn't show it all the time out. She isn't really the person who tell it all the time. She sometimes wishes they could spend more time together but she gets her both parents are busy with a work and school is important for her and her siblings right now. They all need to graduate it.

Since she was always the youngest and her older siblings had their own friends then at the times she wasn't included in their games. So she began to spend by herself and did found herself her own friends. She began to even love be outside and go to different adventures every day. She was quite independent already in young age already. No one really believed that at first but when they began to get to know her they realised it, she knew what she did most of the times and well always took care of herself well. She did spend time with her new found friends awhile adventures and also did let them into her adventures. She wasn't some who stayed indoors for a long time. She couldn't sit and read, even movies didn't seem so fun for her. Well, she played board games at times but those even for long run became boring.

Well, she seems to have fear of heights but this is something that she isn't sure when came. Probably it has been always there but it's nothing from small heights but it happens mostly when she looks down from the mountains or high buildings roof tops or some other places. So she tries to avoid the towers in Hogwarts even. She hates going to clock tower or even owlery at times. She just doesn't find it very pleasant places. Also, Disney Land rides aren't for her, she hates roller coaster there. She just can't stand those. Anyways she tries to come over this fear and well tries to enjoy her life so much as she can.

Her life went on and on. When her first siblings Cressida went to Hogwarts she was just nine. She was quite jealous of her. She was surprised when she heard she was placed into Gryffindor house. She at first couldn't believe it for sure. Well, overtimes she did get used to it. A year later her brother Scorpius went to Hogwarts and she was sorted into the traditional house for Malfoy's family. So no surprise there really.

When she finally herself got herself eleven, it was finally time to get a letter from Hogwarts. She knew it would come since she had magic in her, it showed up already since she was five years old girl. At her first day at school, she was sorted into Hufflepuff house, what was surprising for sure for everyone. Even herself was. To be honest Hufflepuff was her least favourite house. She herself didn't really see her like Hufflepuff for sure. Actually, sorting hat did consider in her case all four houses but at the end shouted our Hufflepuff.

A while being in Hogwarts Cassie learned more about magic and actually is excited to learn more about it. Soon it will be her third year only. So few more years to go before she graduates. She has made herself some new good friends too. Even if at first people judged her but now they have gotten used that she isn't like her father used to be back in his days here or even her father side grandparents.

In some point of her second year, she discovered that she had odd power/ability. It was healing powers, well she can heal people with a just mere touch, without using the even wand. She hasn't really told about it to anyone so far, she just is afraid that people will use it against her. She knows she needs to tell about it to someone one day.

Family History:
The Malfoy's are one family of Sacred Twenty-Eight. It's been kept pure so far. It was a very long line of pureblood families. They used to join with Death Eaters. They weren't even afraid to kill and hunt muggles down when it was needed. They couldn't even stand muggle borns. They found even half-blood blood traitors. They did even like many other pureblood families who were friends with half-bloods, muggle-borns and muggles.

This all did changes when Draco Malfoy did grow up to be an adult. As a kid, he did agree with his ways but his years in Hogwarts did change him. In his year was this brave Muggleborn who made him see that you don't have to be pureblood to survive things. It all depends on of yourself and how much are you willing to sacrifice for your own safety and your friends and family. When he did realise it he knows it was too late already. He had done many bad things to people and he couldn't change it but he did teach to his kids that in the world there is more than you can see. Get people know better before you began to judge them. Draco hopes his kids won't make his mistakes.

Of course, Malfoy's are still one of the feared families out there. Also, they seemed to be open for houses. Malfoy's first born was sorted into Gryffindor for everyone surprise. Second did go to Slytherin, what wasn't that much of surprise. And then came last kid who was sorted into Hufflepuff and it was a very big surprise to everyone. So Malfoy's seems to show people that they are who they are and that in them is more than people seem to think.

Wand: 11 inches, Phoenix Tail feather(s), Oak
Favorite Spell: Ferula
Signature Spell: Lumos
Patronus: White Tiger

Friends: She has few of them.
Acquaintances: Probably has more than friends.
Boyfriend/Girlfriends: Doesn't date right now!
Flings: Erm. No.
Enemies: These she has quite many actually. Too many to tell. Some are under her bec they have done something bad for her or someone people she cares about.
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Cassiopeia Malfoy
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