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The train is set and running. It's time to go on the train so you could end up being in Hogwarts. All students on board and also you can do your last minute shoppings. First classes have already started, go and have fun there! I hope you have good school year!
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 Noah Baker

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Noah Baker
Quidditch Job
Quidditch Job

Job/hobbies : Quidditch god
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PostSubject: Noah Baker    Mon May 08, 2017 7:19 am


Full Name: Noah Aaron Bake
Nicknames: ( if any )
Date of Birth: May 5
Birth Place: London
Current Home: London
Blood Status:  Half-Blood
Sexual Orientation:  Heterosexual
Wand: ( Inches, Wand Wood, and Core )

Hair Color:Blonde
Hair Style: messy
Eye Color:Green
Clothing Sense: Casual, Looking hot as hell
Other Features:

Noah can be arrogant. As he thinks he is a hot shot quidditch players. And that he is a gift to women. Fame has gone to his head. He knows that he is hot and used it when he can. Because he is a playboy. And has been called a player before. Even though soon he knew that he would need to grow up. But there was still time for all that. Noah doesn't think that he is a player, just looking for the right girl.

Also, he was raised to be perfect gentlemen. Even if there are rumors that he isn't one. He knows his mother and sisters would tan his hide if he wasn't one. He is an outgoing guy always volunteering. Showing people the other side of him. As he was known for being a hot shot quidditch player. And he hopes that this will get others to start. As he knows that he is a role model. And knows that there are looking up to him.

Noah isn't one to really party scene. He will attend after game drinks with his team. And attend parties when he has to. Because it is part of his job. He is hoping that people will start to see the other side of him. The sweet and caring side. And not the one that the ladies like to paint. That he is a jerk and just toss them aside.

Father's Name: Aaron Baker
Blood Status/Species: Half-Blood
Occupation: Reporter

Mother's Name: Amanda Baker
Blood Status/Species: Half-Blood
Occupation: Healer
Status: Living

Sibling's Name: Oliva Baker
Blood Status/Species: Half-Blood
Status: Living

Sibling's Name: Cassie Baker
Blood Status/Species: Half- Blood
Occupation: Student
Status: Living

Sibling's Name: Dominique Baker
Blood Status/Species: Half- Blood
Occupation: Student
Status: Living

Other Key Members: ( name, age, blood status/species, etc )

General History:
Noah was born to Aaron and Amanda Baker.  Cinco de Mayo when he was born. And makes sure to celebrate it by eating tacos. He is also the oldest. As he has three youngers sister who is still at Hogwarts. He likes to think that his sisters look up to him. And this was before he was a quidditch star. He is used to being the only male kid in his family. Well, he is an adult now. So calling him a kid was far off. Even though to someone way older than him. When he was in school he was in Hufflepuff.

And he was on his house team. That was where he found the love for quidditch. It was something that he wanted to do as a job. He also volunteers a lot to show his younger sisters that they should do the same. That they should be giving back to the wizarding community. Even though he is seen as a player. He doesn't want his sisters to settle just for a guy who will give them attention. He knows that his sisters know that he is looking for the right one. One that isn't wanting to be with him because he is famous.

Even though he knew that he is far from perfect. In his sister's eyes, they couldn't ask for a better brother.

Family History:
The Bakers are a normal half- blood family. As Aaron was a reporter for The Daily Prophet and Amanda is a healer at St Mungo. They have four healthy children. Noah, Oliva, Cassie and Dominique. Even though Noah is the only boy, that made sure not to have a favorite child. As Aaron and Amanda wanted to make sure that their child were all loved equally. And also wanted them to have respect.

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Lucy Weasley
Gryffindor First Year
Gryffindor First Year

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PostSubject: Re: Noah Baker    Mon May 08, 2017 11:39 am

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Noah Baker
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