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The train is set and running. It's time to go on the train so you could end up being in Hogwarts. All students on board and also you can do your last minute shoppings. First classes have already started, go and have fun there! I hope you have good school year!
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Aeva Rivière
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Aeva Rivière

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Aeva Lis Rivière Debby-ryan-peace-sunglasses

Aeva Lis Rivière 10o1nr6
Full Name: Aeva Lis Rivière
Nicknames: N/A
Age: 19
Date of Birth: 7 April 2000
Birth Place: Nice, France
Current Home: England
Blood Status: Halfblood
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Wand: 9in, Dark Wood, Phoenix Feather

Aeva Lis Rivière F4r1uh
Hair Color: Red
Hair Style: Long, wavy
Eye Color: Dark
Height: 5'5"
Clothing Sense: Comfortable, Business Casual
Other Features: Small stud in her nostril, probably a tattoo somewhere

Aeva is a semi-busty girl with a personality as fiery as her hair. She’s an average height of five foot five inches and she has a slim, hourglass type of build, the most muscle lying in her hips, butt and core from the Auror training she’d recently begun. Her arms and legs have room for improvement, as does her punches and form. Like most redheads, Aeva’s skin complexion is quite fair, leaving her to burn in the case of excessive exposure to the sun, however her cheeks have stayed a permanent rosy colour. Her hair is kept long and is mostly placed in a messy looking bun or left down.

Aeva Lis Rivière Qz439x
Once, a long time ago, Aeva was a happy, friendly and caring young girl. She had a bubbly personality and no one could bring her down. At least she thought. Aeva was a little ball of sunshine, radiating energy to whomever she came across, however her days of sunshine, excessive energy and happiness came to an abrupt end by the time she had turned sixteen. Aeva eventually turned into someone who was hard, stubborn and in a state of constant resentment. A turn of events caused her to fall into depression, fear being hurt and losing people and close her once open mind. Her thoughts were that everyone would leave, just as her father and sister had so why should she even develop any sorts of relationships? In the end, her thoughts left her as an angsty, bitter teenage girl who had certainly seen better days.

Aeva spent years being broody and depressing, however once her release was found, she slowly came back around to her old self. Aeva will never be quite as bubbly and cheerful as her younger self because it simply is not Aeva, however she’s not broody and angsty. Aeva is still just as stubborn as she had become, needing to get her way and be right nearly every time, yet she’s also incredibly relaxed and independent. Despite the fact that she would have never showed it, she was once the type of person that whether she was silent or not, she needed to be around someone - desperately.

Aeva now feels free and independent, the need to be around people having diminished fully. Aeva understands that people will always leave, though it no longer bothers her. Sometimes, she embraces people walking out of her life as it means there is something better in store for them. Aeva is constantly on the defense now, always watching out for herself and those around her that she has learned to care for. Aeva has a party hard, work hard type of attitude and she knows when to joke around and when to be serious. She enjoys partying and being drunk, but she also enjoys her job at the Ministry. Overall, Aeva is a defensive prick who likes to believe that she’s hot and hilarious.

Aeva Lis Rivière 2u94eok
Father's Name: Jacques Rivière
Age: 45
Status: Living

Mother's Name: Alaina Abélard
Age: 44
Status: Deceased

Sibling's Name: Madeleine Lucienne Rivière
Age: 21
Occupation: Healer
Status: Living

Other Key Members:
Christophe Jean Laflètche - Ex-boyfriend/Abuser - 23
Alaina Madeleine Rivière - Niece - 3 months

Aeva Lis Rivière Nffkt2
General History:

Aeva Lis Rivière was born to Jacques (26) and Alaina (25) Rivière in Nice, France on 7 April 2016 shortly after her older sister, Madeleine, turned two. The young redhead had a pretty normal life, or as normal of a life a young witch could have. She was taught respect as well as love and trust. She was also taught about magic, yet her parents didn’t give her all the full details as she would learn those once she was eleven and her magic came in. Aeva was a calm child, one who rarely threw tantrums and fought with her sister. However, she was often a problem child when it came to being place in Muggle primary schools. Aeva had been getting bullied when her anger and hurt caused her magic to come in. Despite Aeva’s protest against having done nothing to make glue bottles explode all over her bully, she was expelled and her parents had to lightly discipline her.

Aeva’s life seemed to only get more complicated from there and eventually, her parents had to end up homeschooling her until her letter came in. Aeva was often seen as the target of bullies because she was such a happy child, yet she hadn’t figured out how to keep her anger under control so in order to keep magic hidden from Muggles, her parents had to keep her home. Being homeschooled was frustrating to Aeva as learning wasn’t her strong point and thus her parents teaching her as opposed to a certified teacher made things even more frustrating and confusing. Eventually, Aeva suffered through the first few years of schooling and her Beauxbaxton’s letter came.

September of 2027, Aeva found herself on her way to her first year of Beauxbaxton’s and it was the best. Madeleine was already a third year, sorted into a House meant for the intelligent while Aeva was sorted into a House meant for the eager. She was happy despite the occasional feeling of homesickness. Despite her classes being a bit complicated, Aeva found herself better able to comprehend and learn about magic than the Muggle subjects her parents had tried teaching her. To Aeva, her brain just wasn’t wired to be a Muggle as she was a witch and no one could take that away from her.

Aeva’s first five years of school seemed to blur by in a haze and she wished time would slow down just a bit. Over the five years, she had met plenty of good friends and not so good friends and she had gotten herself caught up in a pretty good crowd. Before long, the girl found herself turning fourteen and going to a friends pool party the summer before her fourth and unfortunately, one of her final years at Beauxbaxton’s. That summer, Aeva had worked up enough confidence to wear her first bikini and did it do some good. Christophe, a muggle that had been invited by a distant friend of her’s, had noticed her and the two began to talk. He had been charming and Aeva remembered explaining to him that she went to a boarding school as someone had subtly warned her that he was not like them. Throughout her fourth year, she found herself thinking about him and every break from school she’d contact him to hang out. Eventually, she had found out that he was closer to her sister’s, yet still older but she didn’t care. He had been the first male to acknowledge her and she allowed him to sweep her off her feet.

Aeva had fallen completely head over heels for Christophe and the summer before her fifth term at Beauxbaxton’s, the two had shared their first kiss together. It had been Aeva’s very first kiss and while it felt a bit disgusting and awkward, she couldn’t help but blush and pull him back for more after they pulled apart. That summer, Christophe had been a bit reluctant for Aeva to have to go back to boarding school, but he complied because she was a minor and he waited for her to come back. They hung out every chance they could get, him forcing her to go a bit farther each time they did, Aeva too fearful to comply and eventually, Christophe began to abuse her. However, he told her that it just meant that he loved her and being the naive little girl that she was, she allowed it and didn’t say a word. Constantly, the redhead found herself covering bruises and eventually, she got so good at covering them with makeup, that Christophe told her he was proud of her.

The summer before her sixth year, Aeva was supposed to be on a date with Christophe, however her parents had called a family meeting. The news was not something Aeva had been expecting and immediately after, she stormed off, visibly upset to get ready for her date with Christophe. Her parents were getting a divorce, as her father had been cheating on their mother for several years now and he was just now admitting it. The sisters and their mother would be moving to the UK, as their mother assumed it would be best to give them a new beginning, however this caused Aeva to grow angry. It was a turning point in her life and that night with Christophe, she gave him everything after becoming completely drunk for the first time. He was her first love, her first kiss and the first man that she had slept with. However when Christophe discovered that she would be moving, he hurt her worse than ever before and to try to make up for it, he escorted her home, changed her and put her to bed.

Christophe increasingly became rougher towards her as the days counted down to her move and it was becoming increasingly harder to hide the marks he left which made Aeva grateful the day they really did move. Of course, Aeva had still held the grudge against her father as he caused her to distrust men; however she also had a grudge against her mother. Aeva didn’t want a new start. She wanted to stay at Beauxbaxton’s with all her friends and she wanted to be with Christophe every chance she could but now that chance was gone as she was moving several countries away. Upon Aeva’s arrival in the UK, she crinkled her nose in distaste. This was nowhere near home to her and the accents were terrible. She didn’t know how she’d survive two years in this country, especially once she got to Hogwarts. What kind of name was Hogwarts anyways?

Aeva didn’t adjust well to Hogwarts come September. She was sorted into Slytherin which was to her understanding - a House for the assholes which she had become since the announcement of the divorce. Aeva was silent mostly, refusing to make new friends as shortly after the move her sister had also left with some guy. Her new viewpoint was that everyone would leave and hurt her just as her father and sister had. It wouldn’t have been so bad had they kept contact, but they hadn’t and that hurt Aeva and her mother beyond belief. That same year, Aeva’s mother had begun deteriorating from an incurable sickness that she refused to tell Aeva about until the year had finished. Afterwards, her mother had forced Aeva to spend the summer with her father back in France. However, the redhead refused to be so close to a cheating man and instead ran off with Christophe to his isolated cabin. That summer, Aeva should have been killed by Christophe but thanks to one of her old friends that had dropped by the cabin to see Christophe, Aeva was found and rushed to get medical care while Christophe was arrested on child endangerment, domestic abuse and murder charges.

Once Aeva had recovered enough, she returned to the United Kingdom to be with her mother and that year, she returned to Hogwarts for her final year as a minor. Her final year also marked a sort of turning point in her life. Aeva lost her mother and in the will, the house was awarded to her, which took a big toll on her, however it gave her a reason to finish school and become successful. That year Aeva also broke out of her comfort zone a bit and went to a party that was held in her common room. There, she met Liam Jameson who ended up being a larger part of her life than she ever would have realised in that moment.

Shortly after graduating Hogwarts, Aeva began working as a server at the Hogs Head Inn but it didn’t last long. The tips were great, or at least the money tips were great but then she got told how hot she was by old, creepy men and after being followed a few times by someone, Aeva decided to put an end to it. Eventually, Aeva made the biggest decision of her life and became an Auror in the Ministry of Magic which caused her to reunite with Hunter. She had a love hate relationship with being an Auror. It was very physically demanding and even more demanding on the law studying portion, however it was great anger management for her and it soon became her release. Aeva developed muscles that she never would have had otherwise and for once in her life, she felt safe. She knew that if anything like the Christophe situation were to happen again, she could defend herself and even better, she could defend her family and friends should the need arise. Plus, she got to be around Liam - who had now become a good friend - and all the other cool Aurors. One night, two years following the death of their mother, Aeva opened the door to find her sister standing on her doorstep in the pouring down rain.

Madeleine was visibly hurt and for a moment, Aeva had let her walls down before remembering that her sister had abandoned her. Despite this, she let the older redhead in to explain her story, shower and get a good night’s rest in a safe house. However, Aeva had not been expecting to find out that she was pregnant. Aeva went to sleep while her sister had been cleaning herself up as she couldn’t handle to information that had been dumped in a matter of ten minutes and she decided that if she slept on it, she’d be able to take a course of action. However, when the next morning came around, Aeva was still just as shocked and reluctantly, she allowed her sister to crash there for a few nights while she tried getting a job at St. Mungo’s. Aeva hated children meaning Madeleine couldn’t stay there for long, but she wouldn’t make her sister leave and go someplace safe which was why she allowed her to stay and instead, Aeva found a release in Liam.

The two had started out as study buddies and quickly grew into friends with benefits, however they made it clear that nothing else were to happen. Their relationship had been one of a kind, having been rushed from acquaintances in the beginning when Aeva showed up drunk at Liam's apartment and made a complete fool of herself. However, Liam overlooked it and now just joked about it and it brought the two closer. Aeva and Liam constantly hooked up until Liam decided it best to take a break from it as he actually had feelings for someone. Not that it bothered Aeva - it just shocked her that Liam Jameson could actually have feelings for someone instead of just using them for fun. Though, she wouldn’t be afraid to admit that she did sort of miss his muscles and the feeling of his lips pressed against hers in a desperate need to escape from reality. However, Aeva didn’t have feelings for Liam, not like he had for the other girl, she just needed him to cope and when she no longer had him - she turned to spending long nights in the pub.

A few months after her and Hunter had ended things; she met Chasen- a model from Korea that wasn’t a built as Hunter, but he would work as a distraction for drunken Aeva. That night had gone a bit different than usual, but that was because this was sloppy, drunk sex with a guy she had just met. Aeva wasn’t often one for one-night stands however she was seduced and she hadn’t had any in months and so a girl had to do what she had to do. Aeva had stayed the night with him, as the pub was located a good distance away from her home and who knew what would happen or could’ve happened had she attempted to walk or worse – apparate home.

As expected, Aeva hadn’t seen Chasen again as he’d left before she woke up and he was a celebrity meaning he had better shit to do than sleep with her as Liam had done. Unfortunately, it meant Aeva was back to being alone in the company of her sister and so she did what any good sister would do, she bought her a small apartment with two bedrooms, decorated one as the nursery and ushered her to be out on her own, promising that she would be protected from her abusive ex-husband. It had taken Aeva awhile to come around and get over the fact that her sister had left her and only returned when she needed Aeva to help her and her growing parasite, but eventually she came around.

In February of 2035, Aeva had the scare of her lifetime when her period had been extremely late. Immediately, she wondered if Chasen had used protection that one drunken night and after a false positive on a test, a blood test had finally showed negative. Aeva had never been so nervous and afraid in her life, but once she found out the test had been false, the biggest weight was lifted off her shoulder. Aeva wasn’t ready for a child; especially since she hated them and if she ever did have a child, she wanted it to be with someone she’d spend the rest of her life with, not someone like Chasen who had been a one time thing. Naturally, he may have been a good guy and stepped up but she didn’t know that. However, being an Auror meant she could leave the child an orphan and Aeva didn’t want to put someone in a circumstance like that as she knew what it felt like.

June of 2035 a few months after Aeva had turned nineteen, Aeva got a call to St. Mungo’s to watch the birth of her niece, Alaina. It was disgusting and overwhelming at the same time and once again, Aeva was grateful she had not been pregnant. Madeleine was the first to hold the baby, her most noticeable feature being her thin, red hair like her mother and Aeva. Soon, Aeva found herself holding the tiny infant as Madeleine had insisted she hold her niece. Aeva had actually found herself smiling, the tiny human barely opening her eyes so that Aeva could see they were blue just like Madeleine’s. She never thought she’d be able to love a child the way she loved her niece, but slowly, she was proving herself wrong day by day.

Family History:
Jacques Rivière was in his final year at Beauxbaxton’s when he met the girl he knew he would spend the rest of his life with. He was a year older than Alaina Abélard, and as a sign of respect to her, he waited to court her for her entire last year of Beauxbaxton’s. The two had become best friends by the time he had graduated so a year didn’t seem to be a long wait for him and as soon as she had graduated, the two became a couple. Jacques was however a Muggleborn while Alaina was a Halfblood and while it wasn’t the same as her being a Pureblood, Jacques still felt somewhat guilty at the fact that he was taking her from the playing field as certainly he was not good enough for her.

The couple dated for two years and by the time Alaina was twenty, they had gotten married. Their marriage was the best thing that had happened to either of them and it became even better when a mere three years later they found out they were expecting a baby girl. The girl was named Madeleine, and from birth she was an exact replica of her mother - ginger hair with bright blue eyes. The two brought up their daughter in a mix of the ways they had been raised and shortly after she had turned two, they gave birth to another ginger haired baby girl named Aeva - who shared her father’s hazel eyes.

After two wild, rambunctious little girls, the family decided that they were finished with having children as they didn’t want to be outnumbered and the less children they had, the more time they’d have to spend and focus on them. Aeva was raised the same as Madeleine had been raised and from a young age, the two had developed a close relationship with each other, one that seemed to be unbreakable.

The family soon fell apart when Aeva was sixteen, Madeleine eighteen as Jacques had finally admitted to Alaina that he had been unfaithful for several years. His reasoning was that he didn’t deserve someone as good as Alaina, so he had been with a Muggle. Shortly after, Madeleine had left with her boyfriend and Aeva and her mother were alone to support each other. Jacques completely fell off the map having run off with his Muggle fiancee- completely guilt free and the family was left to grieve and mourn over years of lies and infidelity.

Aeva Lis Rivière 2yys38m
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Aeva Lis Rivière
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