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The train is set and running. It's time to go on the train so you could end up being in Hogwarts. All students on board and also you can do your last minute shoppings. First classes have already started, go and have fun there! I hope you have good school year!
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 Conner Dorsey

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Conner Dorsey
Gryffindor Sixth Year
Gryffindor Sixth Year
Conner Dorsey

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PostSubject: Conner Dorsey   Conner Dorsey EmptyFri May 05, 2017 11:42 pm

Conner Dorsey 2e64e14dd57720c36440300d5616089c

Conner Dorsey 10o1nr6
Full Name: Conner James Dorsey
Nicknames: ( if any )
Age: 16
Date of Birth: April 16, 2003
Birth Place: Oakland, California
Current Home: Great Malvern, England
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Wand: 10 inches, Hawthorn, Phoenix Tail Feather

Conner Dorsey F4r1uh
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Style: Short and Messy
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6.1
Other Features: Nope
Clothing Sense: Casual

Conner Dorsey Qz439x
Conner could in many cases be described as someone who likes to have fun and does not really focus on school. As well as being extremely athletic, and is very sociable. Conner is in many cases what someone would call everyone's best friend and tries his best to act like a hero, even though inside he is actually nothing, but a cuddly teddy bear. He has a very caring outlook on others but tends to not take things really seriously. Which is something he is famous for doing and tends to get on most people nerves.

He also would do anything for mostly anyone who he comes in contact with, and despite not being the smartest guy in the world. Conner would risk his life for anyone and tends to be marked as sometimes a hero. But Conner has many flaws such as he is not good at commitment, and has a history of having several flings with girls. Which he cannot remember or even count for that matter making the man, not the most responsible type.

Conner also tends to not others in when something is bothering him and tends to when he gets angry to push everyone that matters to him out. Despite being a big shot who plays Quidditch, the kid is very insecure and thrives on impressing others. Often feeling like perhaps maybe he owes others something, and tries to hide it with acting like he does not care. Even though Conner actually does care, and that tends to be one of his biggest weaknesses.

Conner Dorsey 2u94eok
Father's Name: Louis Gregory Dorsey
Age: 39
Blood Status/Species: Muggle
Occupation: Author
Status: Living

Mother's Name: Callie Evelyn Dorsey ( nee Billings )
Age: 31 ( at death )
Blood Status/Species: Muggleborn
Occupation: Nurse and Former Thunderbird
Status: Deceased

Younger Sister's Name: Whitney Isabella Dorsey
Age: 9
Blood Status/Species: Muggleborn
Occupation: Unemployed
Status: Living

Conner Dorsey Nffkt2
General History:
Conner grew up in Oakland as the first child to Louis and Callie Dorsey, both who had been in many ways his biggest fans growing up. Making Conner's life in America something that he would do anything to be able to go back to. Conner had spent most of his life like any other kid whether it be playing outside with some sort of sport and spending time with kids his age. He basically had been like the average American kid with two happy parents. Even though once his sister was born that would all change for the worst.

Most of his life he had been the only child until he turned seven, and his younger sister Whitney had been born, which meant he was no longer his parent's prime focus. Which did not bother him for the most part as he would often just let it go? As Conner would spend his free time playing some sort of sport whether it be football, basketball, or even baseball. Conner had basically lived the American life with his family. Even though when he was about eight years ago, the boy began to show signs of something that was not normal.

Which began to worry his father who had begun to attempt to call psychiatrists or doctors to see what was going on with Conner. Tragedy had struck when Conner was about nine years old when his parents and him had gotten into a car crash on the way from of Conner's psychology sessions when a drunk driver had side-swept them, mostly impacting his mother's side of the vehicle, ending in the three of them being immediately rushed to the hospital. Where in minutes of arriving his mother had been pronounced dead. While his father was in critical condition, and Conner had been in stable condition.

Resulting in Conner being forced to live with an uncle and his sister while his father had been recovering from his injuries. Then after about three months, when his father was released from the hospital, and they had decided to finally have his mother's funeral. Which in many words Conner's father had begun to accept his son's things partially blaming himself for the car crash, saying that if he did not insist him on going to psychology sessions then they would have been all together. Which resulted in his father deciding to start over as a single father with his two children by moving to England where he received a job with a publishing firm.

After about a year of living in England, Conner's family was soon visited by a ministry official who had been looking into what happened in America and told them that Conner had been a wizard and that it came from his mother's side of the family who had the gene. Which had intrigued his father who had begun to think of his son as being extraordinary and had been thrilled to know that his son had been enrolled in a magic school which interest Conner as well.

When he was eleven the boy had attended Hogwarts, where he would at first struggle. Due to him not having much knowledge of the wizarding world. Even though he had made friends instantly and when he was a second year the boy had joined the Quidditch team where he had excelled at extraordinarily. Which would be the start of the one thing that Conner had managed to become good at, and hoping that one day he could make his mother proud.

Resulting in Conner's years of Hogwarts leading up to his sixth year to be great for him. And a way that he easily went up the list in becoming popular which would be the title he would achieve at the start of his fourth year where he would start dating girls and having little flings which would be the one that Conner had been famous for. Although when he got in his fifth year he had instantly begun to get his act together knowing that he would have to do well on his OWLS which would be the start of him having some care, although the events being unclear of his sixth year.

Family History:
Louis and Callie had been friends ever since they had met in their first year of college where they had instantly become friends. And had been in many clubs together during their days at college which would end up escalating to them having a relationship which each other. Having been it the couple and when they graduated they had decided they would instantly get married. Even though Callie had secrets that she had been keeping from Louis.

A year after they had gotten married Conner had been born which would be something that had made Callie happy with having a son who she knew would end up doing great things. Well, when it came to doing great things as a kid would. Causing them to began to make Conner the center of their attention, up until Whitney had been born. When Whitney had begun to be a focus, and when Conner had begun to show the secret Callie was keeping.

It caused to them to have a sort of tainted relationship, well a not so close. Then up to the night when the crash happened, it had been the end to the perfect family they had been. When Louis would end up becoming a single father. Which would be something that Conner would later admire his dad for trying to be a good father.

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Roderick Lupin
Headmaster of Hogwarts
Headmaster of Hogwarts
Roderick Lupin

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PostSubject: Re: Conner Dorsey   Conner Dorsey EmptySat May 06, 2017 12:24 am

Conner Dorsey E06elz
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Conner Dorsey
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